Food Photography Awards

Food photography awards I got from some food photography contests among foodie bloggers around the world:

- Edibility Category Winner

- Aesthetics Category Winner


- Originality Category Winner

- Host Pick

- Click Spectra Third Place

- Click Spectra Second Place

- Second Overall Winner

- Aesthetics Category Winner

Blueberry Cheesecake -

On Media

Featured on both Tabloid Nova, one of famous women tabloid in Indonesia and Antara News. Read them here.
Featured on Read it here.
Interviewed by one of leading Indonesian newspaper Republika. The article is here
Featured on Noor Magazine Edisi II 2013. You can read the brief here.


Contributor Photographer in Indonesian Night’s Photo Exhibition 2009 in Bremen (Germany).
Contributor Photographer in Sweet Exhibition at Wing Luke Museum from July 21st 2013 to January 5th 2014, in Seattle (USA).
Solo Food Photography Exhibition in Seemannheim Bremerhaven, from September 7th – November 1st 2015, in Bremerhaven (Germany).
Contributor Photographer in Indonesian Night’s Photo Exhibition 2015 in Bremen (Germany).



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