Sambel Ibu Dongeng (Mrs Story Teller Chili Paste)

Since I called my hubby The Story Teller (Si Tukang Dongeng), my best friend Nana calls me as Mrs Story Teller (Ibu Dongeng). When I told her about this chili which supposed to be Sambel Bu Rudy (Mrs Rudy Chili Paste), she told me to name it Sambel Ibu Dongeng. It sounds good, doesn't it?

The original version of Sambel Bu Rudy was roughly grind, but mine or better said Sambel Ibu Dongeng, was finely grind. My chopper did it! But if you look carefully to the picture, you still can see some whole chilies inside, that's because I stopped chopping by the time I saw my chopper has mad it puree :))

I modified the recipe as well. The modification that I made were using the oil from frying the shrimps; adding tiny shrimps called rebon; adding fried shrimps in the end. It turned out very good, but to eat this chili paste is risky. You'll experience your lips double in size, mouth and eyes watery, stomach burn and will spend more time in the toilet. But if you are really a hot chili lover like me, you have to try this one. That's the reason why I used my Risiko game board as the background :-D (Risiko is a game about strategy to conquer the world. Once you play, you'll forget the time. It's really a fun game to play with your friends).

To see more set of the picture, visit my album: Sambel oh Sambel.

Recipe source:
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- Sambal Pedas Bu Rudy, Nana's Site.

22 medium sized shrimps, shells intact, clean
150 ml cooking oil
150 gr colorful bird eye chilies
150 gr small red onion
¼ block of beef stock, grind
1 tsp rebon (tiny shrimp)
Salt and sugar as needed

1. Heat oil in a wok pan. Fry shrimps until set and crispy. Set aside.
2. Clean bird eye chilies and small red onion. Drain.
3. Reheat the oil. Fry chilies and red onion over moderate heat until fragrant. Remove from the heat.
4. Roughly grind with the chopper/food processor (if you have Indonesian mortar, it will be better). Fry the chilies mixture.
5. Add rebon, fry until the oil reduced.
6. Season with salt, sugar and beef stock. Add fried shrimps. Stir and fry over small heat until the oil reduced and the color darken. Remove from the heat.



pake terasi gak mbak?


gak pake Mi.. pake rebon (udang kecil)


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