Kue Lapis (Layer Steamed Cake) - Chinese New Year Event

This was my first kue lapis. Thanks to for sharing the recipe and has made me salivated so I was dare to try to make it. Love you Mbak, love all your foods ;) I also thank my best friend Nana, for her patience during the making of kue lapis, answered my stupid question on the phone. Love you babe ;) Yet I present you my first kue lapis. What do you think ;;)

The recipe below is half of the original. To read the original recipe, just visit .. but don't forget to bring your napkin along :D
FYI, since I have a small steamer, I used my lunch box (can be used for microwave) to substitute baking pan/baking dish.

When I read Taste of Luck, an article talking about about Chinese New Year, I just found out that at the Kue Lapis also served during Imlek (New Year).
It said:
Sedangkan untuk kue-kue, biasanya disajikan kue-kue yang manis-manis. Bahkan terkadang kue-kue ini sengaja dibuat lebih manis dari biasanya. Maksudnya, agar kehidupan di tahun mendatang lebih manis daripada tahun yang telah berlalu. Sedangkan Kue Lapis dan Lapis Legit memiliki arti agar kehidupan rejeki di kehidupan mendatang berlapis-lapis (Taste of Luck, Appetite Journey).

English translation
: Normally for cakes, they will serve sweet cakes on this day. Even they make them sweeter than usual, as they wish to have better (sweeter) life than they had in the previous year. Kue Lapis and Lapis Legit have a meaning for having layered rezeki (income, cmiiw) through the year ahead.

For this reason, I submitted this recipe for Chinese New Year Event hosted by Food Freak. You can read the round-up here, Chinese New Year The Year of the Rat Round-Up.

Recipe source:
- Lapis, Nana's Site

500 ml coconut milk
200 gr tapioca flour
50 gr rice flour
200 gr granulated sugar
¼ tsp salt
½ tbsp vanilla sugar
Pandan paste as needed (to give the green color, or you can use green good color or any color as you like)
Cooking oil to grease the lunch box

1. In a big bowl, combine tapioca flour, rice flour, sugar, salt and vanilla sugar.
2. Gradually add coconut milk while mixing with the whisker. Do it until done and the mixture well mixed.
3. Divide the batter into two portion. Add pandan paste in one of the batter, mix well.
4. Preheat the steamer for 15 minutes. Pour 100 ml (1 laddle) of green mixture to the greased lunch box. Cover the steamer and steam for 10 minutes (do not forget to put a napkin on the lid to avoid cake from the vapor). Pour the white batter on it, and steam again for another 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure, alternating between the green and the white batter. Do it until all the batter is completely used up. Remove from the steamer and let it cool.
5. Cut into slices when cold. Ready to serve during tea time.



oh ketemu dirimu disini toh:) eh ini kue lapis dah lama bener gw gk bikin yah. layernya mantep juga warnanya euy


hihihi... ketemu lagi ya, bosen gak :D
iya nih, akhirnya setelah blog dapur yg lama keapus, skg baru bikin lagi

btw, aku link ya dapurmu Dwi

hari ini aku mau bikin kue lapis, buat dibawa besok ke pengajian


fa,kue lapis bikin gw lapar say,teman minum teh sedap tuh..


Fa, aku juga udah bikin resep dari Mbak Retno ini. Kebetulan emang aku favorit sama kue lapis. Sayangnya, suamiku gak gitu doyan. Katanya terlalu kenyal. Tapi gak apa2 sih, jatah dia kan bisa buat aku semuanya...hehehe.
Eh, aku link juga dapurmu, ya.


@Yeni: enak Mbak, kemarin aku bawa utk pengajian laris manis :))

@Sheila: toss Sheil, aku juga doyan banget kue lapis ini, dan suamiku gak doyan :))


Faa..aku udah bikinnn ini kue lapis, tapi bener deh mesti udah dingin ya motongnya..:)))..Duhhh mantep banget punya mu Fa


@Elsye: kue lapisnya dipotret gak?

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