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I missed My Kitchen My World of last week edition (with as the chosen country) due to my broken laptop and my health. Alhamdulillah, now my laptop is ok (Toshiba changed the monitor for free - yay!) and I feel much better, so I'm back to .

When I visited MKMW and found that Michelle of chose as the theme, I felt so honored and wont miss the chance to participate. Thanks a lot .

When it comes about Indonesian cuisine, we are talking about tons of different kind of foods. Uncle Wiki said that Indonesian cuisine reflects the vast variety of people that live on the 6,000 populated islands that make up Indonesia. Indonesian cuisine is as diverse as Indonesian culture, and has taken on culinary influences from many sources. Throughout its history, Indonesia has been involved in trade due to its location and natural resources. Indonesia’s indigenous techniques and ingredients, at least in the Malay World parts, are influenced by India, the Middle East, China and finally Europe. Spanish and Portuguese traders brought New World produce even before the Dutch came to colonize most of Indonesia. Indonesian island of Maluku is famed as "the Spice Island" also gave contribution on the introduction of native spices to Indonesian and global cuisine (Wikipedia).

To reward for her appreciation to my homeland, I made my fav food ever, "bakso" (beef meatball soup). The recipe that I jotted down below is the one that suits to my taste as bakso lover. I modified it from some of bakso recipes I got from friends and internet.

In Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, you'll find this food sell by the street vendor and they are everywhere. Yup, it's not hard to find bakso in Jakarta, even you don't have to move from your home to eat this food. With a little patience, the street vendor will come across your neighborhood and serve you with this food. You have only to pay around 5 to 10 thousands rupiah to enjoy it (less than 1 Euro - according to today's exchange rate). The bakso sold by the street vendor might be not that tasty, that's why some people will go to a place well known for its delicious bakso. My fav one is in Tebet area, and we (my family and I) named it as Bakso Casablanca. So far, this is the best bakso I've ever ate. Ooooo... I really wanna go home *drooling* (FYI, every time I went home to Jakarta for holiday, by the time I reached home, I ate this bakso directly. My sister bought it one day before and kept it in a freezer).

Actually bakso is not a main food, it's more like a side dish, but lots of people eats bakso for lunch or even dinner and eat it with steamed rice, but it is for me. I eat bakso for breakfast, lunch and dinner, even I wont stop eating if bakso is on the menu. Yup, I'm a bakso freak and I gave this disease to my better half. So, please do not blame me if you'll get the disease after trying the recipe below.

Bakso (Beef Meatball Soup)
Recipe modified by me

Bakso (Beef Meatball)
500 gr ground beef
100 gr tapioca flour
1 egg
4 cloves of garlic
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp white pepper powder
1 tsp salt
1 block of beef broth

3 cloves of garlic
Salt, pepper and sugar to taste
Water from making bakso and some more (when needed)

Rice noodles, soak in hot water, drain
Egg noodles, boil with water added by salt and oil, drain
Bawang goreng (fried shallots)
Chopped celery
Sambel Bakso (bakso chili paste) - recipe will be posted asap
Saus sambal (chili sauce)
Kecap manis ( sweet soy sauce)

Bakso (Beef meatball)
1. Simmer water and beef broth over medium heat.
2. Grind garlic and salt. Set aside.
3. Combine tapioca flour, baking soda, ground beef, egg, pepper and garlic mixture into a food processor. Blend until well combined and smooth. Place in big bowl.
3. Take one table spoon of meatball dough and shape into a ball form. Put the ball into the simmering water. Do it until all the mixture used up. Cook meatballs until floating. Remove from water and drain.

1. Reboil the water from making bakso.
2. Grind garlic. Add into the boiling water. Season with salt, pepper and sugar. Continue boiling over small heat.

Beef Meatball Soup:
1. Put meatballs in a simmering soup for a while.
2. Place rice and egg noodles in a bowl. Add meatballs and the soup. Garnish with fried shallots and chopped celery. Add chili paste, chili sauce, sweet soy sauce and vinegar when desired.

* You can also make the soup from boiling beef bones. The soup will be tastier.



huhuhuhu udah lama gue ga makan baksoo..pengennnn, btw ini lo baru bikin hari ini atau foto lama :P

ngilerrrr !!!


dua kata buat lo Fa "gk sopan" majang bakso. LOL.... gw pengennnn. nih ya ini hari lagi hujan heboh. keknya dpt hibah dikit dari hurricane gustov:( dingin pula.

makan bakso apa gk nikmat tuhhh... tapi gw cuma bisa mandangin doank:( ketambahan gw bolong lagi tuh gk nyetor mkmw wess lah lama2 org ogah kali ke blog gw kagak di update2. kekekkee.
met weekend yah Fa.


What an interesting dish! I loved reading your post about how you could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner :) too funny! I wonder if you could make a vegetarian version or if that would totally ruin the dish? Thank you for sharing, I had never heard of basko until you shared it with us!


Hehehe..lengkap amat perlengkapan perangnya Fa...ada teh botol kotak sgala...


Two different kinds of noodles! This is a dish after my own heart, noodle lover that I am. It looks wonderful.

Judy@Judy's Gross Eats said...

This sounds delicious. I can see why you could eat it for every meal. I just have to find tapioca flour now.


dingin-2 gini dikasi penampakan bakso :( mau dwong.. hujan trs nih dr pagi mendung item gantung trs jd melow wiken


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Bener kata Dwi, elo tuh gak sopan banget ya nongolin si bakso di cuaca dingin2 gini :D. Udah gitu pake ditunjukin teh botol lagi!!
Minggu lalu, temen gue bikin kambing guling buat selametan anaknya. Tapi gue malah makan baksonya 3 mangkok! Kapan lagi makan bakso bisa sekenyang-kenyangnya tanpa harus capek2 bikin...qiqiqiq.

Btw, akhirnya laptop lo udah sembuh. Senengnyaaaaa :)yagn


Well, I certainly learned a lot visiting your blog today - thanks for the education!!

Your dish looks very interesting - a bit like soup, but more filling. And I learned what many of the ingredients are thanks to your translation!!


Faa..., puasa gini lihat mi bakso.ngencess dah...mantaappp bakso nya..:)

Abby said...

salah buka nih, mestinya pas nti buka puasa..:((
ngilerr..Aku pas SMA dulu suka 'malakin' abang bakso yg di sekolahan, dah kayak preman minta di tambahin extra pentol bakso..:))

Dhi said...

Sadiiiisss Fa! Doh, blom sempet masak buat dinner, ngeliat bakso gini.... bikin lapeeerrrrr. Pake teh botol sosro pulak! :D


@Elsye: ayoooo mari kita makan bakso dipojok jalan :D
ini foto lama Els, pas Jum'at sih bikin bakso lagi.. cuma mau motret gak mood aka males :P

@Dwiana's Kitchen: wakakakaka... maaf deh Dwi, abis gue males bikin masakan yg ribet, kasih bakso aja deh utk MKMW :D
dirimu sudah sembuhkah?

@Andrea: hahaha.. I know it sounds funny eating the same dish for every meal, but I couldn't help it :)
you make the vegetarian version of course, just change the beef with vegetarian beef - good luck!

@Lidia Sianturi: iya dong Lid, makan bakso paling enak ditutup dg minum teh botol dingin :))

@Natashya: so you have to try bakso Natashya.. you'll gonna love it ;)

@Judy@Judy's Gross Eats: hope you can find tapioca flour there Judy, so you'll understand why I ate it in every meal :D

@A.G: sama Yin, disini juga mendung terus.. summer udah lewat :)

@Sheila: wakakakakaka... maaf neng, kapan lagi membuat dirimu dan Dwi ngomel *tampang innocent*
lagian siapa suruh makan bakso 3 mangkok gak ngajak-ngajak, hihihihihi
iya Sheil.. akhirnya laptop sembuh juga :)

@Megan: hi Megan, thanks for dropping by!
I'm happy that you got something from my blog.

@Ema: ini namanya godaan puasa Mbak, hihihihi

@Abby: hehehehe... gpplah, itung-itung cobaan dibulan puasa By :d
wah wah... gak nyangka ya, ternyata dirimu mantan preman :))

@Dhi: huaaaaaaaaaaa, maafkan daku Dhi, tapi apaboleh buat... godaan bakso dan teh botol memang berat :))


Sef .. mau dunk bakso. Hidangan paling terkenal dan digemari (kayak selebriti ya.. hi hii)

Aku seringnya bikin sendiri bakso ayam Sef, anak2ku suka itu. Dan juga nggak terlalu repot mblendernya. Mudah2an sukses Ibadah Puasa nya ya Sef..


Nice to see u back dear. How r fasts going on?




Hihihi kecap cap Bango dimana-mana..:-)


tadi liat martabak..skarang liat bakso.. ampuuun...


Sefa, i don´t know much about the indonisean food, but i´m curious. I think it´s great that you show people the culture of your country, including the food, that i´m sure it´s delicious!


congratulations on the many awards!
and then some more on the way ...


Wow! This looks amazing! What a great post.


semangkuk please..:d
kuah2 anget..sruput, dahsyat..
Jadi pgn bikin bakso..ihikk..


@Judith: aku jarang bikin bakso ayam Mbak, senengan bakso sapi soalnya :D

@Kitchen Flavours: it's too late to answer your question :D

@Sofia: skg mah puas ya makan bakso :D

@Andrie Anne: iya donggggggg, walaupun mahal, tetep dikejarrrrrrr :D

@Fitri: itu namanya godaan :)

@Monica: thanks a lot Monica, I hope that I can bring more Indonesian foods and tell the story behind it *kiss*

@Andreea: thanks a lot Andreea!

@Susie Homemaker: Thanks!

@Abby: bikin sendiri By... cocok banget nih utk winter :)


Sefa..aku nih..lg cari sambal bubur tp nggak nemu..nyelonongnya ke baso malahan hee. Aku buat sambal bubur tp nggak mantap..mau lain nya. Thnx Sef

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